We offer fun-filled experiences for children and their families to relax and celebrate including FREE WiFi. Parents are FREE.

Food & Drinks

All our guests are welcome to relax at the café area while kids play. Jago Town creates a nice experience for the whole family after a trip to the mall. Come and visit us. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars

Kids’ Menu

6 pcs. Chicken Nuggets with tomato sauce$7.50

6″ Pizza

  • Cheese – $9.00
  • Hawaiian – $11.00

Kids’ Chicken Burger$10.50

Kids’ Cheese Burger$10.50

*Make it a combo, add fries and a drink – $6.00

Café Menu

Jago Town Chicken Burger$16.00
Crispy fried chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato, with buttermilk ranch

Add fries and tomato sauce – $4.00

Southern Fried Chicken Tenders$15.00
with vege sticks and buttermilk ranch

Pizza Options:

  • Pepperoni – $18.00
  • Hawaiian – $18.00
  • BBQ Chicken – $18.00
  • Margarita – $16.00

Fries with tomato sauce$7.50


Flat White

Small $4.50
Large $5.00


Small $4.50
Large $5.00


Small $4.50
Large $5.00


Small $4.50
Large $5.00

Chai Latte

Small $4.50
Large $5.00


Small $4.50
Large $5.00

Hot Chocolate

Small $4.50
Large $5.00

Long/Short Black, Americano – $3.80

Teas & Herbal Teas – $3.50

English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Green Lemon & Ginger / Chamomile

EXTRAS – $0.50
Syrup Shot
Extra Shot
Almond / Coconut / Oat or Soy Milk

Syrups: Vanilla / Hazelnut / Caramel / Chai

Family Platters

Jago Antipasti

Cured meats, cheese, olives crudites served with crusty bread

Jago Cheeseboard

A selection of cheeses, condiments w/ Grapes quince paste

Jago Crispy Fried

Spring rolls, Samosa, Prawn twisters Crisp fried chicken served with dipping sauces

Small $25.00

Large $45.00

Small $25.00

Large $45.00

Small $25.00

Large $45.00

Club Sandwich Platters

(20 pcs) – $25.00

(40 pcs) – $45.00

Party & Function Foods

(inc GST)
Antipasti Platter
(Cured meats, cheese, olives crudites served with crusty bread)
Small  (2-3 adults)25.00
Large (4-5 adults)45.00
Cheeseboard Platter
(A selection of cheeses, condiments w/ grapes quince paste)
Small  (2-3 adults)25.00
Large (4-5 adults)45.00
Crispy Platter
(Spring rolls, Samosa, Prawn twisters, Crisp fried chicken)
Small  (2-3 adults)25.00
Large (4-5 adults)45.00
Club SandwichesSmall (20 triangle sandwiches)25.00
Large(40 triangle sandwiches)45.00
Pizza – Margarita24 Slices50.00
Pizza – Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni24 Slices
(can mix with 3 options)
Prawn twisters5045.00
Spring rolls (Mini)4020.00
Spring rolls (Large)2020.00
Sausage rolls5075.00
Savouries assorted (quiche, mince, cheese/mince)5070.00
Mini Hot dogs1640.00
Fried Chicken tender2045.00
Red Cocktails Sausages2035.00
Samosa Mini5020.00
Chicken and veggie dumplings10 pcs18.00
Vegetarian Food  
Vegetarian Samosa1050.00
Pizzas – Margarita (v)24 Slices50.00
Oven baked chips2kg40.00
Onion Bhaji & Pakora20pcs20.00
Halal Food  
Pizzas – Margarita (h)24 Slices50.00
Halal chicken pizza24 Slices55.00
Halal assorted sandwich (Tuna, egg and chicken)Small (20 triangles)30.00
Large (40 triangles)50.00
Crispy Platter (prawn twisters, spring rolls, samosa,
chicken tenders with chips)
Mousse cup1035.00
Ambrosia Pops1035.00
Fruit cups1020.00
Cake pops1025.00
Jelly cups1035.00
Juice (orange or apple)1 Jar10.00
Soft Drink (Coke ranges)1 Jar10.00
Alcohol (Function ONLY)  
Beer (Heiniken, Corona)330ml bottle8.50
Isaac’s Cider330ml bottle8.50
Pinot Noir The Ned MarlboroughBottle 35.00
Sauvignon Blanc Oyster Bay MarlboroughBottle 35.00

NOTE: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars