We offer fun-filled experiences for children and their families to relax and celebrate including FREE WiFi. Parents are FREE.

9:30am - 5:30pm (Mon to Sun)


07 846 6688


All customers are required to self-screen before entering JagoTown
to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please do not enter if:

You have signs of a fever or high temperature.
You have a persistent cough or respiratory problems.
You have had contact with any possible source of the virus.

If you meet any of the above criteria, please remain at home.

Hand sanitisers are available for customers in key locations.
Customers will be required to sanitise their hands during their visit and before using any equipment.



  • Please do not visit Jago Town if you or your child has experienced temperature, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 72 hours.
  • Any child found left on the premises without a guardian will be handed over to the appropriate authorities without exception.
  • Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged or cancelled once purchased.


Playground rules must be followed at all times.

Customers should note that whilst we take care to ensure our clients enjoyment and safety, injuries can occur whilst using play equipment and leisure facilities. All measures are taken to provide a safe environment but all visitors enter and play at their own risk.