We offer fun-filled experiences for children and their families to relax and celebrate including FREE WiFi. Parents are FREE.

9:30am - 5:30pm (Mon to Sun)


07 846 6688


Rules of Play

  • For reasons of safety, please adhere to instructions and equipment guidelines at all times.
  • For reasons of hygiene, shoes must be removed before entering the play areas. Adults and children MUST wear socks at all times.
  • All children entering the playground must wear Jago Town safety socks, no exceptions.
  • All adults must wear socks either their own or Jago Town adult socks.
  • Entry will not be permitted for any guests without socks. Socks can be purchased at the ticketing counter.
  • In order to avoid potential friction burns, clothing covering arms and legs is advised.
  • The toddler play area is strictly for children under 5. Children over the age of 5 will be asked to leave unless deemed supervising a younger sibling.

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